True, False, or somewhere in between

Here’s a nice, laudatory, very long review from the British publication The Magonia Review of Books.  One fascinating tidbit:  The reviewer (who called our book “exceptional” and quotes from it at length) says she was only the second person to listen to a taped confession from Frances Griffiths, who as a young girl sixty years earlier had rocked the world with photographs of herself and her cousin Elsie cavorting with what they claimed were real, live fairies. 

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My old pal Larry Stains and I had great fun writing this book, and hope that you find reading it as much of a lark.  Besides the profound metaphysical questions it raises, it’s filled with fabulous characters, real and imagined, from Sherlock Holmes to Harry Houdini, William James, the Fox sisters, and of course Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who became the world’s foremost spokesperson for spiritualism – a “true believer” if ever there was one.

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