A Rave Review from Michael Dirda


Perhaps, Through a Glass Darkly is becoming a standard read.

The Weekly Standard has been keeping news and culture junkies "in the know" for the last 20+ years, and we were thrilled to see that they had not only read our book but reviewed it, too. We are pleased to report that we passed Mom, and we'll accept the grade.

The article is titled "However Improbable: The spiritualist convictions of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle," and uses our book, Through A Glass Darkly as the backbone for a discussion or Arthur Conan Doyle's obsession with Spiritualism. We are proud to say the least.

Here are some quotes from the review.

There are several reasons to pay this entertaining book some attention. First of all, it focuses not on Conan Doyle’s writing but on his troubling, even embarrassing, belief in spirits, séances, and fairies. Second, it provides a potted history of spiritualism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. And third, Stefan Bechtel and Laurence Roy Stains write brisk, sprightly prose, just as you would expect from brisk, sprightly magazine journalists. In fact, their book aspires to be “a jolly romp, rather than a scholarly treatise.” While the phrase “a jolly romp” may provoke a shudder, Through a Glass, Darkly actually does deliver plenty of excellent literary entertainment.
— Michael Dirda, writer for the Weekly Standard
Its agnostic authors proffer a series of lively set pieces drawn from the history of spiritualism, as well as a sympathetic account of how the creator of Sherlock Holmes solved, at least to his own satisfaction, the greatest mystery of them all.
— Michael Dirda, writer for the Weekly Standard


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