Our Readership Community

For people who love books and the written word

Through the years Stefan has gotten thousands of questions from curious readers and fans, and we can see why — he has written a lot of books. By joining our Readership Community, you will be able to submit questions, curiosities, and comments to Stefan and his co-authors as well as be notified when new writing appears on this website or on the shelves of your local Barnes & Noble. We encourage you to sign up and join.


What makes our Readership Community more than just a newsletter is its intent, and that is, to provide information and encouragement to a community who is excited about literature. We will execute our intent by doing our best to answer every question or comment submitted about any of Stefan's books. We will not only respond to individual emails but also post many of these responses as articles on this website which will create a comment "forum" where additional readers can chime in. Through this engagement, we hope to create a fulfilling online experience for people who love books and the written word.